Good Vibe Vans


Our Story

It all started in 2018 when Saskia, now our designer and head joiner/carpenter had a dream of converting a van and travelling around Europe. With the help of parents Sue and Roger who aided with the woodwork and upholstery, a year later this dream was finally able to come to fruition! After Saskia returned from a wonderful few months of exploration abroad it was decided as a family to convert another campervan, but this time to sell it. With the successful sale of this second van we had well and truly caught the conversion bug and haven’t stopped making campervans ever since. A few years of valuable experience and a lot of vans later here we are today creating stylish bespoke campers of the highest quality, bringing people’s campervan dreams to life.

Meet the Team


Creative Director/Joiner/Carpenter

Saskia has a background in art and design and before converting vans had been living and travelling around Europe.This love of travel is what got Saskia interested in the van life movement and the world of camper conversions. Over the years she has learnt the skills of joinery and carpentry on the job and is now our head craftsman at GVV. Saskia is also principally responsible for the layout designs and interior styling of the van builds and has a love for finding innovative ways of building and trying out new aesthetics. When she’s not working Saskia is either exploring the UK in her own van or still in the workshop; making whatever she can from wood off-cuts and working through her never ending list of DIY projects.


Campervan Technician

Previously a dentist for over 30 years, Roger was in need of a change of scene and eager to help on Saskia’s personal van build. From this, Roger saw business potential in the campervan industry for the whole family and Good Vibe Vans was born! Now, Roger deals with the technical side of our builds, including all things plumbing, gas and electrics, turning our beautiful handcrafted spaces into fully functioning off-grid homes. He is also lead in client communications, and is who you’ll be speaking to when emailing or calling us. In his spare time you’ll most likely find Roger on the golf course or taking his van over to the alps for skiing in the winter.


Business manager, Soft-furnishings

All of our campervan upholstery is made in house by Sue. She can guide customers on the best fabrics to use for curtains, blinds and seat covers. Sue always goes the extra mile, creating custom curtain tiebacks and decorative cushions from any leftover fabric, ensuring as little as possible goes to waste whilst adding a touch of homeliness to our vans. She also manages all of our accounts and is happy to lend a helping hand with the painting and oiling of our bespoke furniture. When she can, Sue enjoys tending her garden and taking her campervan over to Europe with husband Roger during the summer.



Although not a full-time member of the GVV team, Gabe is our go to guy when we need an extra pair of hands! Gabe’s formal training in furniture making and years of professional wood working experience give him a wealth of knowledge that we can call upon anytime. He also works with us on some of our specialist projects within the van builds such as the waney edge wood and micro-cement kitchen worktops. Gabe loves the outdoors and enjoys climbing and taking trips out in his canoe.


GVV Mascot

Stella completes our family business and is a valuable member of the GVV team. She is always happy to do quality control inspections and keeps up team morale. It didn’t take her long to to come around to the concept of van life as she gets to enjoy every holiday and adventure with us, whether it’s hiking up mountains in Scotland or rock hopping along beaches in Cornwall!