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The Custom Process

The Custom Process

At Good Vibe Vans we make everything by hand, in house, even down to the upholstery to give you true freedom when it comes to designing your bespoke camper. We will work with you closely to accommodate all of your needs into the design as seamlessly as possible. You can choose all the interior finishes, from the type of wood we use, paint colours and fabrics down to the cabinetry handles. Alternatively, you can give us an aesthetic brief and leave the decision making to us! We will be there to help either way, drawing upon all of our experience from past conversions to make you a beautiful, functional space.

So how does the comission process work?

Fill out a build form or contact us with all the information you can think of that you want included in your van. If you can attach some inspirational photos of the styles/interiors that you like, that would be even better. Once we have all the information we need we can give you an initial quote and allocate you a build slot. To secure your build slot a deposit of £1000 will be needed, which will be deducted from the final conversion price.

Congratulations you are getting a custom camper! Around 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the build we will go over layouts/designs and finalise all your choices. A full quotation will follow. We then require 50% of the project balance in order to purchase all the materials, appliances etc. for the build.

Drop off day. We will organise a day for you to bring your van to us, this is usually a few days before your official build slot commences. From then on your van will be in our safe and capable hands and the conversion will begin! We will give you regular updates of the build process in the form of photos and video walk throughs as things take shape.

6 weeks prior to the proposed completion date a further 25% of the project total is due. You are also welcome to visit your van and see it’s progress in real life at any stage of the build.

Collection day, It’s finally here! Your van is complete and ready for adventure! After payment of the outstanding balance of 25% we will give you an extensive tour around your new camper, explaining every detail of your build and also provide you with a new users guide to your van. Then it’s bon voyage from us as you drive away in your custom Good Vibe Vans camper!